Razor Loss Insurance. Shipping Policies. Warranty.

                                                                                                GSCI's NEW ICE RAZOR. 
                                                                                                GSCI's NEW ICE RAZOR. 

Loss Prevention Insurance will protect you if you lose your razor once within 5 years from the date of purchase. It does not apply to the first year but does apply to the following 4 years.

Lose the razor and we will replace it once free.

If we don’t carry it, we will issue a credit for the amount of your original purchase which you can apply to any “GSCI” branded product unless specified otherwise.

WE SHIP CONTINENTAL USA FREE.      Unless Otherwise Indicated.

  • Our products ship free to the continental U.S. with a tracking number.
  • Canadian tracking – $ 5.00.
  • International tracking – $15.00

Please note that delivery time is the same with or without tracking numbers.

From order to shipment: 2 – 3 business days

Continental USA SHIPS FREE: 2 – 4 days from the date of shipment. (Tracking provided by USPS)

Canada and outlying US Territories including ALASKA & HAWAII: Takes 3 to 8 days by USPS.

International: Takes 8 to 23 days via Canada Post.

We try our very best to meet or exceed our delivery standards. We are sorry and take responsibility when those standards are not met.

Our Lifetime Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee.
GSCI branded products are warrantied for life against manufacturing defects, unless otherwise stated. We also feature a 30-day satisfaction guaranty on those items.

Please note: All returns are shipped back to us at the buyers expense.