<p>GLOBAL SHAVE Safety Razors <br></p>

GLOBAL SHAVE Safety Razors

Check out our GLOBAL SHAVE razors. Each of our razors are uniquely developed by us to offer you superior originality, quality and value.
<p>SHAVE CARE &amp; WELLNESS<br></p>


Our approach to shave care is certainly uniqiue. From our ICE Shave Soap. to our ICE After Shave Splash, to our SHAVE THERAPY (tm) complete shave system, we integrate aromatherapy to improve your over all wellness.
<p>ACCESSORIES <br></p>


Agresso is the first product that can make any razor adjustable! Our JAVA mirrored shave brush is such a great idea, that we wonder why nobody else has thought of it before.

See all of our interesting shave accessories.