The Repli-Speed is designed after one of the most famous vintage razors of all time the Super Speed! It’ has a wonderful classic look, and shaves very efficiently and gently. Best of all Repli-Speed takes customers back to a simpler time, when most people actually wet shaved.

Repli-Speed Should be available in late summer 2019.


100% authentic. 100% affordable. Faithful to the original at half the current vintage razor price, the Fat-Guy will have all of the characteristics of the original Fat Boy (model 195). That is because it will be a faithful replica of a 1959 Fat Boy, a razor that is very sought after by collectors.

Fat Boys were only produced for four short years, so they’re less numerous than Gillette’s other adjustables, such as the Slim Adjustables and the Super Adjustables (Black Beauties). 

FAT GUY should be available for Christmas 2019 and will sell between $65 to $85.



                                                                                                              Closed Comb Side / Open Comb Side 
                                                                                                              Closed Comb Side / Open Comb Side 

Gemini has two Personalities.

It has an open comb side and a closed comb side.

Gemini is the perfect razor for head shavers.

It is a gentle, yet super efficient razor.

On sale in June for $35,Heading

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                                                                                                                        MYST LADY SHAVER 

Myst Dual Comb Ladies Razor.

Closed Comb Side Shown,

Women’s needs are so different from a man’s, yet manufacturers keep making men’s razors for women.

An open comb is so much better at shaving body hair. A closed comb could be better for those women who face shave. So we built a razor from the ground up to suit a woman’s needs.

A very gentle open comb and closed comb head.

Designed from the ground up to be suitable for all women’s shaving needs.