Global Shave Club Product Reviews
How we HELP YOU Get a Better Shave!
We Manufacture About 25 Of Our Own Unique, Quality Safety Razors
We Offer a Great Selection of Soaps, Pre Shave, and After Shave Products
We Carry Parker Razors and Parker Shave Brushes
We manufacture or import an exclusive lineup of value priced safety razors. There are usually 25 to 30 models in inventory.
We manufacture our own shave soaps, shave oils, and post shave products we also carry those of Derby, Lea, Vieong, Taconic and Omega.

We looked high and low for another brand of razors to offer. Parker has made excellent quality shave products for over 30 years.
We Sell and Import Really Wonderful Shave Brushes.
We Manufacture Beautiful Gillette Replica and Tribute Razors
We Offer Excellent Information On Our Popular Shave Blog.
We stock Parker brushes, Omega brushes, Vielong brushes, and our own exclusive and unique designs.
We have a stainless steel Gillette Tech Replica in many varieties. We also manufacture a part for part 1959 Fatboy replica as well as others.
One way that we help you is by providing you with an excellent Shave Blog choc full of many original and curated posts.